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Disclaimer of liability

The Käpt´n Browser gGmbH is only responsible for its own administered contents. These contents are to be differentiated from links to contents administered by other providers. Such contents do not arise from the Käpt´n Browser gGmbH, which is furthermore not able to have an influence on contents administered by third parties. In case the Käpt´n Browser gGmbH refers to contents of third party pages, these third party pages do not reflect the opinion of the Käpt´n Browser gGmbH, but do only serve as information and to display coherence. A responsibility of the Käpt´n Browser gGmbH for contents administered by third parties is excluded and is the responsibility of the third party provider only. Liability of the Käpt´n Browser gGmbH for contents of third party pages is excluded.

Disclaimer of liability in normal language

We have direct links to other web sites on our page. A link is a connection. A link connects our web site to external web sites. We have tested every direct link on our page. What we saw at the external web sites, was okay. We did not produce the external sites. We are therefore not responsible for the contents of external sites. And we are also not responsible for their design.